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Tribute To Sheldon Meyer

Reviews & Interviews

  • God At Work on Fox News
    "It’s a fascinating book and a fascinating subject. The book talks about a growing grassroots movement of regular folks that don’t want to separate their spiritual selves from their secular, everyday work selves."
  • A Day Apart in The Houston Chronicle
    "Who would have thought that one day of the week devoted to rest and worship could cause problems?"
  • Abdo Pens WashPost Op-Ed
    "Muslims living in the West and those in the Islamic world are searching for this middle ground -- one that fuses aspects of globalization with the Islamic tradition."
  • David Miller quoted in Christianity Today
    "People don't just want to park their car [and] their soul in the lot outside...." says David W. of the book God at Work.
  • McPherson Reviewed in the Boston Globe
    "“This Mighty Scourge” is a marvelous read from a master historian. Like all good history, what it makes you want to do is know more."

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